Telf. +34 635 27 22 49 - +34 695 524 636
Telf. +34 635 27 22 49 - +34 695 524 636

Each project is a new path to creativity based on strategy and the challenge of achieving the best result

We are Acorn, a Digital Agency located in Barcelona specialiced in Design and Development. We offer complete services to cover any need. Whether apps, video presentations, corporate design, 3D elements, printing and placement, among many others.

We are passionate about working with brands and with people. We join both large companies and SMEs in a close and professional way. Our goal is to meet our customers’ objectives with an original, creative and technologically modern approach.

Our young team has already 9 years of experience and we have come to work in design and development for various cities around the world. Design and development in London, Design and illustration in California, packaging in toronto, as digital agency in Los angeles, Design studio in New York
We would love to work with you and be your partners in luxury brand design.


We show you some of the brands that have already entrusted us to carry out different projects.