3D design & modeling

Showcase your product in 360º

At Acorn we cover all the needs required for your project, from 3D product design, to 3D modeling and layout of a video game scenario. We use the most powerful graphics engines like Unreal Engine, Unity, 3D MAX, Blender, Maya, among others.

3D product design

We offer 3D design and animation services with realism and creativity regarding its aesthetics. We craft 3D renders, videos and animations, for printing and/or publishing as well as for being projected on any image or audiovisual medium.

3D Stand Design

Our team will develop booth of various sizes with powerful 3D booth design programs featuring the latest virtual design techniques, which allow you to solve any interior, tent or booth details to your liking.

3D Event Design

We offer integral planification and visualization services in event design and 3D exhibition design. Ambient and interior design, commercial exhibitions, lighting and so on.

3D Character Modeling

At Acorn Studio we take care of each and every detail of character modeling, taking your idea as a starting point, or through an object or character customization.

3D After Effects

We craft animations, video inclusions, banners or any animated element using Adobe After Effects.

3D Modelling

By using photogrammetry we craft 3D modelling of any item. If you need this effect for a large terrain, the same service can be done with drones. We also offer foot support for medium size items/scenarios.