Brand development

Brand development ranges from verbal to visual creation, regarding what the company represents and its core values.

Through Graphic Design we shape how your company or product are meant to be pictured by your ideal customer. This final picture will be your firm’s cover letter, and thus must be optimized in order to maximize your reach.


The first step is to ask ourselves: which are the main qualities our clients want to show of themselves through our brand? And: what do they expect from us? This is how we get started with the development stage of your brand.

Brand architecture focus on aspects such as your current positioning and/or your desired positioning as a company or product. Which values do you want to convey? Or, in other words: how would you like to be showcased in the market? Which feelings do you want to trigger in your viewers and potential customers?

Brand Development Applications

  • Development of Corporate Identity Guides
  • Brand Development by product lines or company activity
  • Market Research to determine Brand Equity. This translates in acknowledge your customers perception of your brand and/or products. How do they think, feel and behave  about you?
  • Brand Communication (Branding). The desired positioning of your firm or product brand will determine the means and resources required for an optimal communication in the market context.