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Telf. +34 635 27 22 49 - +34 695 524 636

Consulting and Digital Consulting

Making an effective marketing plan requires a thorough analysis of your company and the sector to later design an improvement plan and execute the different actions that are required for your brand to grow in a stable and exponential manner.

Online Strategy Planning

The starting point for a correct digital consultancy will begin a thorough investigation of the sector and an audit of your brand to determine the current situation and the “desired scenario” that will be the objective of the process.

Definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We will select the most relevant metrics for the measurement of business objectives to be able to strategically track the actions proposed throughout our digital consulting.

Professional Advice

We will be your point of support and professional advice in your online strategy in order to outline a stable and upward growth curve. You will have experts in each of the disciplines of the digital and visual world such as development, design, video or marketing.