Corporate identity

The corporate identity of a company embraces aesthetic tangible aspects such as logo design, corporate graphic design (development of all communication elements of a brand), font style, color palette, corporate stationery, external & internal communication elements, advertising, protocol and corporate architecture; as well as intangible aspects such as your company values and mission, besides other key factors like your methodology, procedures and so on.

At our design studio, through the following services listed below, we do contribute to the creation and broadcast of your brand in the most attractive way possible as the ultimate essential core for your corporate identity:

  • Logo design.
  • Restyling or update of an existing logo (Rebranding).
  • Corporate stationery design.
  • Branding.
  • Corporate email design and newsletter mailing system.
  • Naming and verbal identity.
  • Corporate identity guide.
  • Corporate architecture design.

Brand creation

Continuous development of a company visual image, with logo design as a starting point, leads to creation of a whole brand in many cases. At least, it should be the ultimate goal behind most actions regarding logo creation.

The value of your brand

Customers do not just get your products or services, they buy the whole set of rational and emotional aspects behind your brand. Nowadays, users are increasingly triggered by passionate, heartfelt stimuli, rather than just rational judgement and reason. Seduced by brands appealing to their vision and visual style, a simple purchase now becomes an unmatched experience; hence the importance of branding or brand development.

Brand crafting is a very complex thing: numerous variables and aspects behind will shape its perception. However, it is paramount to keep it simple when displaying your brand; an endeavor in synthesis, approach and coherence is required in order to make it clean & clear and user-friendly.