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Corporate identity

The corporate identity of a company includes both tangible aspects of aesthetic character such as the logo design, corporate graphic design (the development of all communication elements of a company), fonts, colors, corporate stationery, external communication elements and internal, advertising, protocol, corporate architecture, as intangible aspects, for example the philosophy of the own organization or company, its mission and its values, besides other key factors for the organization such as its methods and processes, etc.

In our design study through the following services listed below, we contribute to creating and disseminating in the most attractive way possible the company image of your organization or your personal brand as a fundamental part of the corporate identity of the same:

  • Logo design.
  • Restyling or updating an existing logo (Rebranding).
  • Design of corporate stationery.
  • Branding.
  • Corporate email design and newsletter submission system or news bulletins.
  • Naming and verbal identity.
  • Corporate identity manual.
  • Design of corporate architecture.

Brand Creation
In many cases the continuous development of the image of a company or organization from the design of a logo culminates in the creation of a brand, at least this is the end of most actions that are done in this sense although not always is achieved.

The value of the brand
The customer does not buy products or services, the customer buys brands and the set of aspects both rational and emotional that you can offer. Today more and more the consumer is moved by passionate stimuli, more for the heart than for reason, is seduced by brands that appeal to him and that make his moment of purchase an unmatched experience hence the importance of branding or development of brand.

The construction of a brand is very complex and there are numerous variables that influence and various aspects that shape the perception of the same, however the proposal of brand facing the customer must be clear and simple, it requires an effort of synthesis, approach and coherence.