E-Commerce Design

Digital commerce (or e-commerce) builds its marketplace through online stores using digital commercial transactions. Our latest social and technological advances made it not only possible, but fundamental to own a website as a core to promote your products or services, turning your business into a virtual store available 365 days a year, 24/7, which allows you to form a worldwide customer portfolio as well.

E-commerce isn’t just a niche anymore, since its potential market has been constantly growing and is completely normalized today, thus making it an even more attractive and irresistible option to jump in.

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E-commerce crafting in Barcelona

Your virtual store’s design and structure are key factors to compete and stand out within your niche: it is paramount to properly showcase your products to get your sales going. An intuitive, attractive and clean design must blend with a perfectly organized and classified web structure, in order to craft a convenient store for the customer, featuring an optimized browsing experience with a quick, safe and simple purchase system.

Experts in online store design, ​​we implement to your site any functionality you may want for an improved user & browsing experience. After your e-commerce launching, it is of great importance to craft and follow a custom online marketing plan to make your site visible and thus increase your traffic and sales. Natural SEO positioning for both your site and your products within the Google Shopping market is also highly recommended.

Your Own E-Commerce

At Acorn we work with the best platforms to achieve the perfect outcome for your online store, such as Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify.

In addition, we offer you the option to self-manage your own virtual store, so you can make any changes you might need or add any info you want on your products, at any convenient time for you, all by yourself.

Experts in online store crafting in Barcelona, Madrid or Galicia, we will be there to help you and offer you advise throughout the process about your web store interface working system and how to take advantage of its tools.

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