At Acorn Studio we also offer illustration services, where we comprehend different styles depending on your needs. Here we display various kinds of illustration that were used in packaging, labels, books, advertising campaigns, editorial portraits, personal portraits or sports-related, featuring a clean-lines, vector, watercolor, digital or realistic style, among others.

Custom illustration is a unique, one-of-a-kind service for each client: you choose the style and our CEO and Art Director Daniel Berea will be in charge of art direction.

Editorial and Book Illustration

Illustration empowers your message and generates empathy.
We may craft any kind of illustration for you: be books, magazines, portraits, sports or advertising. Which one do you need?

Children's illustration

We craft children’s illustrations for books, events, corporate identity or related products.

We hold extensive experience in this field, which allows us to optimize our task, taking into account your indications for the best results. We’ll work hard to come up with what you pictured, or even something better.

Digital Illustration

Digital illustration is our specialty, thus we are able to offer you all the related services you may need.

We come up with any and every kind of work and style you might imagine: Children’s illustration, Editorial illustration, Fantastic illustration, Illustration for Cinema, Illustration for Videogames, Comic-book illustration, Graphic Humor, Cover illustration, Concept Art, Advertising illustration, Technical illustration, Fashion illustration…

We offer this service for enterprises of any kind: startups, publishing houses, advertising and communication agencies and so on.

Advertising Illustration

Advertising illustration allows us to display your concepts and ideas through our visually appealing graphics. We make sure to connect the dots between your information and your target through powerful pictures, featuring a unique sense of originality and identity.

Our custom-made service comes up with original and high-quality visuals. We offer a suitable service for every need: editorial illustration, poster illustration, advertising illustration etc.