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Telf. +34 635 27 22 49 - +34 695 524 636

Logo Creation

Why do you need a logo that stands out?

The design of a good logo will make the corporate identity of your company stand out, get a good position in the market. A clean and fresh logo will increase the recognition of your brand in the market, giving it the prestige it deserves. This is the cornerstone to begin building a secure and stable long-term source of income.

At Acorn we help you to have that original logo, that will differentiate you and make you stand out.

Logos for company

We will create your corporate identity: logo design, brand manual, typographies, iconographies and all the material necessary to complete an image that offers seriousness and professionalism in your product and within your sector. We make your brand something original, so that it is recognized and associated with your corporate image, you will get an effective and unique logo design.

With Acorn we ensure you have a new and original approach to your corporate image. All our designs are studied and elaborated to guarantee an image according to the values of your company and to the latest trends in the design of logos.

Professional Logo

To design a logo that is congruent and successful, one must be especially faithful to the fundamental principle of design: less is more. This simplicity should allow the design of logos to be:


to the smallest size


to any size required


without material restrictions


both positive and negative


that impacts and does not forget


that works in different media

The key to successfully designing successful logos lies in their ability to communicate the message you want, and to achieve this you need colors and shapes that will help the final viewer to give you this interpretation.

A good logo requires the proper use of semiotics as a tool to achieve the proper communication of the message and interpretation by the viewer closest to this message. It is most appropriate to maintain semiotic congruence between what is understood and what it really seeks to represent.