Logo Creation

Why do you need a fancy logo?

A good logotype helps your company stand out, which means a higher position in the market. A clean and fresh logo not only turns your brand into something visually appealing, but gives you professional credit and recognition. It is the cornerstone to begin your successful enterprise.

At Acorn Studio we’ll help you with that bright, original logo you’re looking for, the one that will set you apart from the crowd.

Logos for your brand

We will be in charge of your corporate identity: logo design, brand userguides, typography, iconography and all the required materials to make sure we achieve that serious and professional look in your product and within your niche. We will work hard: you’ll get a unique logo design with such a concept behind that will turn your brand into something original and will attract your desired target.

At Acorn we can guarantee we’ll provide you with an updated approach for your corporate image, by highlighting your best assets. All our logos are studied and designed following our highest standards, in order to fit your company values, while we stay in touch with the latest trends in logo design.

Professional Logo

In order to craft a consistent and successful logotype, one must faithfully follow the most fundamental principle of design: less is more.
This sheer simplicity will turn your logo into something:


up to the smallest size


to any size required


with no material restrictions


in both positive & negative spaces


impactful & unforgettable


blends well in different mass media

The key to come up with a successful logo lies in its ability to communicate the right message; for this matter, you’ll need certain colors and shapes that will guide your viewers through the concept behind, while leading them to the desired interpretation.

A good logo requires a professional understanding of semiotics as a tool to achieve a proper product/user feedback. It is paramount to keep semiotic congruence and balance between visual perception and conceptual representation.