What is mass mailing?

Mass mailing consists of sending the same email marketing campaign to a significant number of subscribers to share your latest news, offer special promotions, announce new products etc.

The best way to perform mass mailing campaigns is with Acumbamail, a helpful tool which helps you to maximize your campaign benefits and allows you to create, analyze, and improve your mailing in a professional way.


Increase visits to your website

Mass mailing campaigns allow you to boost visits to your website, to convince your potential customers and increase your sales chances.

Get online sales

Mass mailing is specifically focused to people who are already interested in your product and, therefore, it becomes an effective marketing tool to close sales.

Mass mailing is cheap

You can send free mailing campaigns consisting of up to 2,000 emails and for just € 15 you can send up to 20,000 emails through Acumbamail email marketing platform.

It’s easy to analyze

Through Acumbamail as a mass mailing platform you can live-check the performance of your campaigns in real time and get to know how to improve them with our reports.

Get to know your customers

Thanks to this analysis, you will get to know which kind of message, tonalities and design tweaks suit best your potential and current customers in order to optimize your campaigns and get those sales going.

It’s really simple

You won’t need any advanced nor high computer skills to automate mass mailing or to craft your email design. You can also optimize it for all mobile devices of any kind.