What is mass mailing?

Mass mailing is sending the same email marketing campaign to a significant number of subscribers to communicate the latest news of a company, offer promotions, announce new products etc.

The best way to perform mass mailing campaigns is with the use of a tool like Acumbamail, which allows you to maximize the benefit of your campaign and allow you to create, analyze, and improve it in a professional way.


Increase visits to your website

Using mass mailing campaigns will allow you to increase visits to your website, convince your potential customers and increase your sales possibilities.

Get online sales

Mass mailing goes directly to people who are already interested in your product and therefore, it becomes an effective marketing tool to close the sale.

Mass mailing is cheap

You can send free mailing campaign of up to 2,000 emails and for only € 15 you can send up to 20,000 emails through the Acumbamail email marketing platform.

It is easy to analyze

Using Acumbamail as a mass mailing platform you can see the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time and know how to improve them thanks to our reports.

Meet your customers

Thanks to this analysis, you will know what type of messages, tones and design details convince your potential and current customers more to optimize campaigns and get the sale.

It is easy to use

You will not need computer skills to automate mass mailing or design your email. It will be optimized for all types of mobile devices.