We study your business to define your goals, to determine your buyer profile and to find out their buyer journey, so we can know what kind of content they may be interested in at each stage.

It is highly relevant to identify your buyer persona: a defined profile of your ideal kind of customer. This way, you can define which audience you want to reach and convert.

It is even more important to understand your users’ buyer journey process when facing an issue. Getting to know what they are looking for at all times and which keywords they will make use of is paramount in order to offer specific and quality content just for them.

Content Marketing

Through quality content creation, optimized for SEO, we attract your potential customers to your website. We highlight and showcase the values you want to convey through your products and services.

We craft the most suitable content strategy for your company.
We create valuable, useful and interesting content for your target and we offer a helping hand so you can turn these values into profits for your company.

Automated Marketing

We increase your sales

We perform a progressive lead qualification and lead them into purchasing through Automated Workflows designed for e-mailing, lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Thanks to automated marketing, we can guarantee the right message will be sent to the right buyer at the right time.

Control & Measurement

We analyze your metrics on a daily basis in order to optimize the performance of your plan and further focus on your goals, so you can have a really solid and perfected strategy for your brand.

We use Hubspot‘s software, the #1 automated Inbound Marketing platform, to craft and execute your plan, as well as other supporting tools, such as Eloqua, with custom tool development, with WordPress integration and so on.