With our Newsletters design program, we initially set up your communication needs, the desired goals, the type of audience we are targeting and the email sending periodicity. With all this information at hand, we provide you a newsletter design proposal; a draft to be modified and finely adjusted until we reach your needs.

Next thing is to tackle the sketch of the newsletter with Photoshop, having in mind an overall suitable style for the identity of your company. We integrate a highlighted call to action within an attractive general picture. We offer two changes regarding the .psd design according to the agreed initial sketch. Finally we proceed to craft the final newsletter web layout.


The goal of our Microsites design is to promote and generate leads focused on a specific product or service within a given period of time, such as the launching of a specific product line on a certain place. For this reason, microsites are the ideal answer to showcase certain products which deserve their own limelight, since, due to their characteristics, they require more informational and commercial content for a better user experience and understanding.