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Telf. +34 635 27 22 49 - +34 695 524 636

Packaging Design

We know that packaging design is essential to immediately show the personality of a product, and the most effective way to make a difference with its competition.

Packaging is a key strategic asset in consumer brands that increases sales and ensures conversion.

Perfection is achieved when there is nothing more to add, but there is nothing else to remove.


Our challenge is to expand the dose of creativity in all kinds ofstrong.

We feel each product as a new challenge; Get a great idea to make it and highlight in the linear, we always give 100% in our packaging design to make it the best in the market.

Packaging agency in California .

We also focus on local companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups who need a packaging agency in Barcelona.

We work locally with companies looking for packaging agency in Barcelona and we provide them with a service at the same level as big design and management clients and production </ strong>.

We work side by side for big brands

We work on designing and developing new product ranges for different national and international brands, packaging design and labels for consumer brands from multiple sectors and also for brands in specific markets such as the luxury sector or gourmet products.

We are used to developing packaging designs for your international export.

We work for both national brands that seek to export their products to new frontiers, as well as major international brands that look for product identity in an original product and respect the standards.