Packaging Design

We know packaging design is essential for an immediate display of your product’s personality and the most effective way to step away and stand out from competition.

Packaging is a key strategic asset regarding user brands, a sale-increaser which ensures conversion.

Perfection is met when there’s no more to add, and no less to substract.


Our challenge is to expand our creativity through all kinds of media.

Each product is as a brand new challenge for us: to come up with a great idea and gracefully bring it to life. We’ll always give our 100% in your packaging design to make sure it thrives as a top-notch product out in the competitive market.

Packaging agency in Barcelona.

We also focus on local companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups in need of a packaging agency in Barcelona.

We work locally with enterprises looking for a packaging agency in Barcelona. We’ll provide you with the same highest level services we offer to our big clients, be design, management or production.

We work side by side with big brands.

We work on the design and development of new product ranges for both national and international brands, on packaging and label design for multiple areas’ user brands, and for very specific markets such as luxury and gourmet products.

Highly experienced in the development of packaging design for its international export.

We work for national brands seeking to export their products beyond the border, as well as for major international brands looking for a solid original identity in product packaging who respect the standards.