Advertising spot Recording

Analysis, Production and Publication

The recording of advertising spots is one of the most effective resources to showcase and spread the reach of a particular brand or product. They prove useful to convince and stimulate the audience towards a certain desire.

This communication system is comprised of 30 to 60 seconds. The recording of advertising TV Spots, Cinema or Web oriented as well, is one of our specialties. They can be later posted in your site or uploaded to sites like YouTube.


We fully produce our spots, from creativity, through locutions to final assembly, as well as all possible production processes such as the original idea, script, casting, location choosing and shooting, among many others


We are conscious about the big impact and reaching potential a good advertising spot can have within a cinematographic context, thus, we won’t come short when providing any resources and development processes needed to satisfy your needs and come up with a catchy, eye-grabbing and memorable ad.


At Acorn we are experts in the production of advertising spots, as well as web cover products  or event or news related spots. Furthermore, they can be viewed in platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or social media, among others.