UX & UI Design

Digital presence

Design is the key to your online identity: it sets you apart from competition.

We hold deep knowledge of the required technology that must be developed to obtain the best user experience; for this reason, we offer our integral services tailored to your communication needs, since we strongly believe it is fundamental to make you stand out from other brands in such competitive environment.

We are fully qualified to face web design with high-success rates, from strategic breakdown and design for a big corporate site, to a complex e-commerce or a striking promotional landing page.

A pleasant experience

Your website must stand out for its visuals and a simplified user experience, subject to user’s needs, quality content and goal-achieving.

At Acorn Studio we value web design as a high-key factor to come up with dynamic, attractive, useful and efficient ways to navigate and interact, all suited to the the positioning you want for your brand.

We want your online users to be satisfied and happy about the navigation experience, so they will come back and stay true to your brand.