Web Design & Development

A website is clearly the best way to showcase and power your business; it is essential nowadays to position yourself in the online market.

At Acorn Digital Agency we craft custom-made websites, having in mind each and every detail for an all-round user experience. Refined visuals, accesibility and web positioning are our top priorities.

Consulting & analysis

We get close to your project in order to understand your needs and requirements. We’ll take in your input so we can come up with a precise development plan and a well-rounded timeline, craft our best designs suitable for your vision and reach your ideal visitors.


Committed and diligent, we work as a team to come up with remarkable results within realistic time frames respecting your deadlines. We’ll provide and request you plenty of feedback along the process to make sure your expectations are met.

Feedback & launching

Once our development stage is over, we have a talk with you to check if everything’s ok and meets your criteria. After your input, we tackle any updates and ammends needed to satisfy your vision. Once you’re fully satisfied with the outcome, we’ll be glad to help you with the launching and management of your brand new site or app!

Responsive Design

Web design is crafted and coded to adapt to any devices out there, be notebooks, smarthphones or tablets. Thanks to responsive web design & CSS3 coding we get:

  • Faster loading speed of your site on portable devices.
  • Improved readability, with the right font size for an optimum reading experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • Greater browsing experience: with suitable buttons adapted to any touch-enabled device.
  • Lower cost compared to an app.

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